Shomigo Vendor

Our marketplace helps your store reach customers who are shopping for products in your niche!

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App IDshomigo-vendor-1
Vendor IDshomigo
Launched22 March 2021
CategoriesOnline marketplaces
Avg rating5
Total reviews3

Benefits of Shomigo Vendor

Reach more customers who are looking to shop local.
Onboard quickly with no additional maintenance required.
Elevate your brand's status by being part of an exclusive network.

About Shomigo Vendor

Shomigo is an exclusive marketplace for high-quality Canadian brands to allow you to reach more customers and increase sales.

We have been able to help our current partners by:

  • Boosting sales and brand exposure for customers looking to shop local
  • Improve SEO to rank higher on Google
  • Visibility to 10,000+ website visits a month
  • No recurring, additional or hidden fees
  • Onboard for free in one minute with no additional upkeep
  • No commitment
Onboard in less than a minute

Onboard in less than a minute

Add and remove items

Add and remove items

Product Statistics

Product Statistics