CC Checkbox Term of Use

Set Checkbox for term of use and privacy policy before purchase button.

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App IDshopify-application-258
Vendor IDcapital-castle
Launched27 July 2021
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of CC Checkbox Term of Use

You can add checkboxes to the account creation without any programming.
This app has a small file size and fast loading speed.
Allow the customize the each word. Any language can be used.

About CC Checkbox Term of Use

Easily create checkboxes for terms of use into account register & before purchase, for safely run the store. What can you do with the app?

  • The Shopify template doesn’t have a checkbox for terms of use when customer register as a member and before purchase. You want to include terms of use, but you don’t want to edit the Liquid theme. It is an application that fulfills such a request.


checkbox control to proceed purchase

checkbox control to proceed purchase