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App IDshopify-application-32
Vendor IDnewrevo1
Launched30 August 2021
CategoriesShipping labels Order and shipping reports
Avg rating4.6
Total reviews8

Benefits of ロジクラ

About ロジクラ

About logikura

Logikura is an app that anyone can easily manage the inventory of stores and warehouses. Simply scan product barcodes to efficiently manage inbound and outbound shipments. You can check the recorded data at any time. You can streamline picking, issuing delivery slip labels, issuing delivery slips, and more.

Main functions and features

  • Work while viewing the product image

Since it is possible to work on the shipment while looking at the product image, anyone can easily…

Manage shipping information

Manage shipping information

Barcode label can be issued

Barcode label can be issued