Shypmax is India's Crossborder Logistics Platform.

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App IDshypmax
Vendor IDshypmax2
Launched25 August 2022
CategoriesFulfilling orders - Other Delivery and pickups - Other
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Benefits of Shypmax

FBA compliant Deliveries available for all lanes
Free Duty Calculation
Express Deliveries (Next Day Deliveries to UK, two days at most)
Fast track express Shipping to USA, Deliveries as fast as 3 days
Shipping Bill Generation

About Shypmax

Shypmax is India’s Crossborder Logistics Platform backed by a contemporary product and premium service. We are IOSS-ready courier services in India, focusing on compliance with new regulations in the European Union (EU).

Shypmax aims to:

  1. Taking away hassles and pains of the compliances, delays and surprise penalties & customs
  2. Provide E2E tracking from the seller’s door to the buyer’s door
  3. Give international warehousing solution
  4. Duty-paid shipments




Order Detail

Order Detail