Smartmedia Connector

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App IDsmartmedia-connector
Vendor IDsmartmedia2
Launched08 June 2021
CategoriesInventory sync Store data importers
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Benefits of Smartmedia Connector

About Smartmedia Connector

Integrate DK Plus or Uniconta to your Shopify store

Save valuable time by automating your invoices and always keep your inventory and prices up to date.

What can this app do

  • Manually create invoice from Shopify order
  • Automatically create an invoice when order is fulfilled
  • Sync Products prices and inventory automatically
  • Print Invoices from Shopify admin

What Is Uniconta and DK Plus

Uniconta and DK are an ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production,…

Update Product

Update Product

Create and print Invoices

Create and print Invoices