Sales pop up & Social proof

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App IDsocial-proof-10
Vendor IDwebrexstudio
Launched10 August 2021
CategoriesPopups Social proof
Avg rating4.6
Total reviews9

Benefits of Sales pop up & Social proof

About Sales pop up & Social proof

1. The app is a lifetime Free for you

2. We develop this app to improve your conversion rate and that is only our motto. We just lunch and we are coming with many exciting features.

3. Some of our app feature that helps you to increase your brand awner and social follower. That’s your real customer who may be buy-in next 3-6 month

4. 24/7 live chat support

#All 24 different types of sale notification and popups

  • #Establish social proof or Random Review or Conversions notification…


24 type notification

24 type notification