Speedify: Page Speed Booster

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App IDspeedify-page-speed-booster
Vendor IDdjp-digital
Launched20 July 2022
CategoriesSpeed optimization
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Benefits of Speedify: Page Speed Booster

About Speedify: Page Speed Booster

What does this app do?

This app improves your store’s page load times and as a result may increase conversion rates, SEO rankings and improve your customers experience browsing your store.

One of the most important ranking factors search engines take into account is in fact how quick your pages load.

How will this app benefit my store?

  • Speed up page load times
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve customer journey and experience whilst browsing your store
  • Rank higher in search…
Increase conversion rates and seo rankings

Increase conversion rates and seo rankings

One click page speed boost

One click page speed boost