EPA‑ Easy Product Addons

Product Addons let you boost sales and increase AOV. Display Related Products as addons.

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App IDspice-product-add-ons
Vendor IDdeveloper-9bead642a73db7a9
Launched18 December 2018
CategoriesUpselling and cross-selling
Avg rating4.9
Total reviews324

Benefits of EPA‑ Easy Product Addons

About EPA‑ Easy Product Addons

Compatible with Online Store 2.0

New Feature: Apply Discounts on Addon Products.

The Product Add-ons app is built to make the process of purchasing multiple products easy and frictionless.

Make it easy to purchase and make more money.

Display Related addons on the product page

The app allows you to associate multiple products and display the associated products on the product page itself.

Display Related Addons on Cart Page

Merchants can easily display add-ons on the cart page as

Addons Display Customization

Addons Display Customization

Addons Display Customization 2

Addons Display Customization 2

Display Addons / Accessories on Product Pages

Display Addons / Accessories on Product Pages