Stack 360

Stack 360 provides you with meaningful marketing analytics to help boost your ecommerce sales

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App IDstack360
Vendor IDboxmodel
Launched29 September 2022
CategoriesCustomer analytics Sales analytics
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Benefits of Stack 360

Effortlessly understand your key marketing data at a glance
View in-depth sales conversion data and customer behaviour trends
Your marketing data is used to give a clear picture of sales to drive revenue

About Stack 360

Stack 360 allows you to make sense of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify and Facebook metrics in one easy to use dashboard, providing you with recommendations to increase sales and revenue.

  • Track customer LifeTime Value and Cumulative Acquisition Cost to determine your optimal marketing budget
  • Identify marketing channels which work for you by analysing cost/conversion ratios
  • View historic data to gain a clearer picture of your customer value and marketing spend over time
Dashboard - recent sales data

Dashboard - recent sales data

Dashboard - customer purchase behaviour

Dashboard - customer purchase behaviour

Dashboard - marketing channel expenditure

Dashboard - marketing channel expenditure