Smart inventory forecasting tool that predicts stock requirements & matches supply to demand.

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App IDstocktrim
Vendor IDstocktrim
Launched05 July 2017
CategoriesInventory optimization Inventory sync
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Benefits of StockTrim

Forecast by Variant Easily forecast by variant (colour/size) and parent.
Forecast New Products Simulate sales volumes & purchasing needs for new products
Multi Locations Plan stock level requirements in multiple locations
Automated Purchasing. Automatically create purchase orders
Container Size & MOQ's

About StockTrim

StockTrim is a game changer for scaling SMB’s in E-Commerce. Outcomes include

  1. Increases of working capital
  2. Stock-outs reduced
  3. Admin time in purchasing and planning reduced
Interactive dashboard

Interactive dashboard

Demand analysis graphics

Demand analysis graphics

Order Plan

Order Plan