Super Zoom Image Magnifier

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App IDsuper-zoom-image-magnifier
Vendor IDtriangle-ecom
Launched16 December 2020
CategoriesImage editor
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Benefits of Super Zoom Image Magnifier

About Super Zoom Image Magnifier

Magnify product Images ( Mobile support )

  1. Your customers might want to see the details of the product images. This app downloads high-quality images and helps them to see the details.
  2. Helps customers make better decisions by examining the details of the product.

#Features :

  1. Activate and deactivate in one click ( No need to edit theme )
  2. Mobile device support
  3. Mouse wheel zoom on desktop devices
  4. Configurable Lens border, colour and size
  5. Configurable download…
Simple Lens

Simple Lens

Extra zoom-in

Extra zoom-in

Small Circular lens

Small Circular lens