Merchant Center Sync

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App IDsync-with-google-merchant-1
Vendor IDiqz-systems
Launched31 October 2019
CategoriesInventory sync Workflow automation
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of Merchant Center Sync

About Merchant Center Sync

Ever tried to keep your product details in sync with Google Merchant Center but find it not updating immediately? Well, you have a solution for that now.

How it works

Google Merchant Center Sync uses webhooks to update your Merchant Center listing in real-time whenever you make changes in a product’s details in Shopify ensuring that your product details are the same everywhere. No more confused customers!


  1. Real-time: Uses webhooks to update details as soon as they are changed…
After signing in with google

After signing in with google

Product sync activity

Product sync activity

Google products table

Google products table