Telenor ‑ Branded SMS Pakistan

Connect your Telenor sms account to send automated Order, Abandoned cart, OTP, Bulk sms to customers

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App IDtelenor-branded-sms-pakistan
Vendor IDhexon-soft
Launched15 November 2022
CategoriesSMS marketing
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Benefits of Telenor ‑ Branded SMS Pakistan

Instant order notifications and Verify orders via OTP with customized sms.
Auto send abandoned cart recovery sms to customers and offer them discount.
Send Bulk marketing sms, discount offers and product alerts to all customers.

About Telenor ‑ Branded SMS Pakistan

Connect your Telenor Corporate sms account and automate the process of sending SMS to your customers.

The App Features are as below:

  1. Auto New Order SMS
  2. Auto Cancel Order SMS
  3. Auto Fulfillment Order SMS
  4. Auto Abandoned Cart SMS
  5. Auto Verify Order via OTP Sms
  6. Send Bulk Marketing SMS to Orders
  7. Send Bulk Marketing SMS to Customers
  8. Send Bulk Marketing SMS to Abandoned Carts
  9. Compatible with any type of Shopify Store
  10. Connect your own Telenor sms account
Telenor Dashboard

Telenor Dashboard

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Telenor Settings

Telenor Settings