TransVirtual Delivery

We enable you to manage the delivery of your Orders. Fast, simple fulfillment can delight customers.

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App IDtransvirtual
Vendor IDtransvirtual1
Launched15 November 2022
CategoriesCustomer order tracking Local delivery
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Benefits of TransVirtual Delivery

Go paperless for less admin, lower costs, and total visibility of your delivery
Instant proof of delivery including photo proof, route optimization & delivery
Provide accurate ETAs and send automatic customer notifications via SMS & Email

About TransVirtual Delivery

TransVirtual platform offers you core delivery management. Our addons include the invoicing and finance, advanced integrations, fleet management, advanced reporting, and everything you need for transport management. As part of our advanced integration framework, we support the Shopify store integration

  • The Orders fulfilled at Shopify Store are downloaded to the TransVirtual system in real-time
  • Once Order is dispatched, tracking details will be available against the Shopify Order
Fulfilled order details imported to TransVirtual

Fulfilled order details imported to TransVirtual



Order List

Order List