UGC Video Testimonials: Trusta

Buying fake UGCs hurts your brand: Collect video testimonials(UGCs) from your customers on autopilot

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App IDtrusta
Vendor IDopen-yard
Launched02 June 2022
CategoriesProduct reviews Social proof
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of UGC Video Testimonials: Trusta

Get UGC video testimonials from your own customers for a store credit reward.
Receive and approve video UGC automatically.
Customize the landing page and instructions for your customers.

About UGC Video Testimonials: Trusta

Get UGC video testimonials directly from your customers.

Use those video UGC in your ads and product pages to drastically improve your conversion rate.

The way your real customers describe your product is the most authentic as it gets.

Extremely authentic UGCs, faster and cheaper than the existing alternatives.

A constant stream of UGC videos.

Authentic and high-converting content.

Fast process and delivery.

Zero manual work, fully automated.



trust, review, ugc

trust, review, ugc

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creative, ads