Unified Repairs Support

It is a repair software for E-commerce stores that allows your team to manage all repair tickets

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App IDunified-repairs-support
Vendor IDyity-apps
Launched12 May 2022
CategoriesSupport ticket management Feedback and surveys
Avg rating4.2
Total reviews3

Benefits of Unified Repairs Support

With a few clicks install the app and start using it for repair tickets.
Internal Chat History, Ticket Statuses, Tickets Notifications, and much more.
Integrate Customer Side Form to store and start to collect repair requests.

About Unified Repairs Support

It lets you:

  • Create unlimited repair requests
  • Create a customer to register with a repair request
  • Change request status to “open”, “repaired”, “completed” or any “custom” status
  • Track the history of repairs
  • Create unlimited Email Templates to associate with each status
  • Allocate custom colors to each status associated with repair requests
  • As repair is done, create a draft order based on products used in the repair process