QuickUpsell Upgrade Checkbox

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App IDupsell-checkbox
Vendor IDdotcom-engine
Launched03 June 2021
CategoriesUpselling and cross-selling
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Benefits of QuickUpsell Upgrade Checkbox

About QuickUpsell Upgrade Checkbox

The app works in an Order Bump style allowing stores to upsell a product together with the main product

Some usage ideas include:

  1. Gift cards that can be used in your store
  2. Warranty
  3. Faster processing
  4. Complimentary product (ex. “Add Gift Wrapping for 9.99”)

When the “Add to Cart” button is clicked and the checkbox is checked, your shoppers will add the main product and the upsell product to the cart.

The upsell product will not be added if the checkbox is not selected, so…

App Setup instruction

App Setup instruction

Upsell Extra Features (Gift wrapping, warranty, engraving, etc.)

Upsell Extra Features (Gift wrapping, warranty, engraving, etc.)