Free Shipping & Hello Bar

Show customer progress when they put items in their carts & inform them when they get free shipping.

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App IDupsell-motivator-free-shipping-offers
Vendor IDspurit
Launched24 February 2016
Avg rating4.8
Total reviews111

Benefits of Free Shipping & Hello Bar

Set up any conditions to show the bar to visitors and where to display the bar.
Unlimited number of offers for store visitors.
Mobile-friendly app. Works with any theme.

About Free Shipping & Hello Bar

How it works:

  1. Users see a welcome bar telling them about a promotion when they first enter your store (e.g. buy 2, get 1 free, spend $100 and receive a free gift or spend $100 and get free shipping)
  2. They add some products to the cart, and the information on the bar changes, telling them what else needs to be added to the cart to get the reward.
  3. They add enough products (or the required ones) and see the final message saying they now qualify to receive the bonus/free shipping.
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