Valentine's Day: Gamified!

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App IDvalentines-day-gamification
Vendor IDdeveloper-20e35962afe245a2
Launched11 February 2019
CategoriesSeasonal design
Avg rating1.9
Total reviews4

Benefits of Valentine's Day: Gamified!

About Valentine's Day: Gamified!

Can you save Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day: Gamification will add beautiful, yet subtle decoration including gamification, specifically suited for Valentine’s Day promotions. Your customers are challenged to seek and capture items (broken hearts) across your webpage, so that they earn themselves discount codes.

Be something more than just another store on the internet and engage your customers in an enjoyable way!


  • Fun and challenging mini-game for your customers to win…
Decoration and Call-to-Action Bar

Decoration and Call-to-Action Bar

Can you save Valentine's Day?

Can you save Valentine's Day?