Vasta ThemeUpdater

Easily update your Super Theme. Keep your Settings, saving your Customize setup through the themes.

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App IDvasta-themeupdater
Vendor IDvasta-inc
Launched13 October 2022
CategoriesStore pages - Other
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Benefits of Vasta ThemeUpdater

Upgrade to the most updated version of the Vasta Super Theme
Download Blank Vasta Super Theme
Check the list of files that were updated

About Vasta ThemeUpdater

How it works

  1. Log in to your Shopify account;
  2. Install Vasta Theme Updater in your Shopify store;
  3. Open the app dashboard to check for theme updates;
  4. When a new version is available, an orange button will be available for the compatible installed themes, displaying the theme’s unique version number;
  5. Once downloaded, the new draft theme version will be available for you to customize, rename, download or delete;
  6. The app will keep your previous theme untouched.
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Login Page

Home Screen

Home Screen

Downloading Screen

Downloading Screen