Verzenden via bol.com

Connect Distribution via bol.com with all third-party integrators, like Channable, ChannelEngine etc

App IDverzenden-via-bol-by-bol-com
Vendor IDwoosa-bv
Launched02 February 2023
CategoriesFulfilling orders - Other
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Benefits of Verzenden via bol.com

Retrieve the bol.com order ID and check if there is a DVB order
Automatically mark the DVB order as shipped via your integrator
Download DVB shipping labels from the Shopify interface

About Verzenden via bol.com

This is a free plugin in collaboration with bol.com.

Distribution by bol.com is a connector between the bol.com seller central, Shopify and the integrator such Channable, ChannelEngine, Effect Connect and many more.

  • The app retrieves the bol.com order ID from the integrator and checks if it is a DVB order.
  • The plugin puts the Track & Trace code in the field the integrator expects it to be, so that they can complete the order on bol.com.
Order overview DVB

Order overview DVB

Integrator settings DVB

Integrator settings DVB

Authorization DVB

Authorization DVB