Vibetrace: Grow Revenues ++

Grow revenues with marketing automation. Powered by CDP, communicate cross-channel with customers.

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App IDvibetrace-marketing-automation
Vendor IDvibetrace1
Launched13 September 2022
CategoriesEmail marketing Push notifications
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Benefits of Vibetrace: Grow Revenues ++

Cross-Channel Marketing Communication > email, SMS, Push
Customer Data Platform > Specific segmentation for your campaigns and audiences
Personalization and Automation: website personalization with popups, products

About Vibetrace: Grow Revenues ++

With Vibetrace you have all you need for Marketing Automation:

  • customer data collection with lots of standard ecommerce events.
  • product recommendations that match your business needs with built-in algorithms.
  • email marketing automations and campaigns using product recommendations and visual builder
  • build lists and collect new email subscribers to increase customer base
  • integrations with other solutions like google analytics, mailchimp
  • analyze reports and improve results with polls.
Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

Customer Segmentation Automation & CDP

Customer Segmentation Automation & CDP