An app for creating virtual stores and decorating them to communicate your brand's world view.

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App IDvrshopii
Vendor IDobotai
Launched01 September 2022
CategoriesImage editor Product display - Other
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Benefits of VRSHOPii

About VRSHOPii

VRSHOPii is an application that makes it easy to create a virtual store. It enables a more visual approach than conventional e-commerce sites, making it possible to easily construct an XR space and appeal to users with a brand’s world view.

Main Features Integration between Matterport Digital Twin and Shopify cart Display images and videos in the virtual store

  • Installation of objects
  • Digital signage placement
  • Multilingualization within the store
edit the object file

edit the object file

Impossible locations can be turned into stores.

Impossible locations can be turned into stores.

virtual store 3D image

virtual store 3D image