Webkul Wallet Management

Digital Wallet. Offer cashbacks and enable customers to pay for orders via wallet.

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App IDwallet-management
Vendor IDwebkul
Launched07 November 2017
CategoriesCustom pricing and quotes
Avg rating4.8
Total reviews35

Benefits of Webkul Wallet Management

Direct money transfer to customer’s wallet & let them manage funds securely.
Admin can create own cashback rules.
Customer can add money to the wallet.
Customer can pay for the order through the wallet also.
Admin can add the FAQ for the customer to brief about the wallet system.

About Webkul Wallet Management

Customer can have a digital Wallet for all the transaction like purchase, cashback’s etc on your Shopify store. The app is useful as now-a-days digital transaction are popular among all customers transacting online. Once the app is installed on the Shopify store then all the customers registered on the store will have the wallet created for them through the app. Admin can also set the cashback Rules Once these rules are set, Customer will be getting the cashback based on these rules.

wallet app - product  page

wallet app - product page

wallet app - cart page

wallet app - cart page

wallet app - cashback rules

wallet app - cashback rules