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App IDwear
Vendor IDwear-technologies-llc
Launched05 April 2022
CategoriesShipping rate calculator Fulfilling orders - Other
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Benefits of Wear

About Wear

The quickest way to ship is the Same-Day.

Our plug-and-play delivery network is built to do the heavy lifting (literally) so you don’t have to. Offer your shoppers a new online experience, using your current setup. This means more order conversions and larger shopping bags for your brand.

Why Wear works:

  • Shoppers are asking for it. WIth the rise of 2-day delivery, in-store pick-up, and curbside pick-up, same-day delivery is next.
  • All systems are in check. All you need is your existing…
Deliverable Checkout Page - Storefront

Deliverable Checkout Page - Storefront

Non-Deliverable Checkout Page - Storefront

Non-Deliverable Checkout Page - Storefront

Order Tracking Page

Order Tracking Page