Borzo Delivery ‑ India

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App IDwefast
Vendor IDdostavista-global
Launched13 March 2020
CategoriesOutsourced fulfillment Shipping labels
Avg rating1
Total reviews2

Benefits of Borzo Delivery ‑ India

About Borzo Delivery ‑ India

#Borzo – Same day delivery service within same city in India!

Using the module you can:

  • Add a express delivery method to your online store
  • Pickup and delivery time as per customer’s convenience
  • Automatically calculate the cost of delivery for each client, depending on the distance, delivery time and weight of the item
  • Easy COD option. Courier person will collect the cash on your behalf and transfer it to you
  • Delivery time within two hours within your city
Order delivery right from Shopify app

Order delivery right from Shopify app

Manage your orders with Borzo app

Manage your orders with Borzo app