WhatsApp Total

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App IDwhatsapp-total
Vendor IDincubalia
Launched17 April 2019
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Benefits of WhatsApp Total

About WhatsApp Total

Let your customers contact you through WhatsApp

  • Customers need only a single click or tap
  • It works both on desktop and mobile (opens native WhatsApp app)
  • You get a working installation in seconds

A WhatsApp button on your shop

  • Will show up on all the shop pages
  • You can change the phone number
  • You can change the button text
  • You can change the default message text

Mobile ready

  • WhatsApp Total is mobile ready
  • Tested with tons of mobile devices

Fast setup

  • The app…
Whatsapp Total Backend

Whatsapp Total Backend

Whatsapp Total Chat

Whatsapp Total Chat

Whatsapp Total Frontend

Whatsapp Total Frontend