Windfall ‑ Voucher Giveaways

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App IDwindfall
Vendor IDalex-co9
Launched10 May 2022
CategoriesGiveaways and contests
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Benefits of Windfall ‑ Voucher Giveaways

About Windfall ‑ Voucher Giveaways

#Do you want to entice customers who intend to buy into spending more?

#You should be using Windfall

Windfall is the easiest most comprehensive way to run giveaways at scale. We made it with the intent to give you the ability to run giveaways all year round for small or big prizes and as little or as many products as you wished. It arms you with the ability to always give your customers an incentive to spend more.

#How Windfall works

  • Create giveaway events where customers get points for…
No code theme customization

No code theme customization

Create giveaway templates

Create giveaway templates

Find a winning formula

Find a winning formula