WooChat WhatsApp Marketing

WooChat Marketing Automation on WhatsApp to Boost Conversion and Sales

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App IDwoochat
Vendor IDwoochat-io1
Launched23 July 2021
CategoriesChat Social media ads
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Benefits of WooChat WhatsApp Marketing

Reach the Right Audience, Reach your Revenue Goals
Reduce Cart Abandonment and Recover Lost Sales
Grow your WhatsApp Subscriber list by Using opt-in Tools
WhatsApp Inbox built to turn Conversations into Sales
Monitor ROI with Actionable Data and Track Sales

About WooChat WhatsApp Marketing

WooChat Marketing Automation to Boost Sales and Increase Retention with WhatsApp Marketing

  • Recover lost sales by retargeting abandoned carts and people who viewed a product but didn’t add to cart
  • Send COD to confirm and prepaid conversion notifications to reduce your return
  • Get in deep sync with Shopify stores to build a recommendation engine to increase reordering
  • Grow your revenue by sending timely re-ordering follow-ups to your customers
  • Shared inbox to turn conversation into sale
Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation

Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation

Automated Order Status Updates

Automated Order Status Updates

Multi Agent WhatsApp Inbox

Multi Agent WhatsApp Inbox