WuKo Qoo10

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App IDwukoqoo10-1
Vendor IDwuko
Launched05 December 2019
CategoriesOnline marketplaces
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Benefits of WuKo Qoo10

About WuKo Qoo10

#Program function

  1. Selectively synchronize historical orders and customers, automatically synchronize new orders and customers
  2. Modify the order delivery status to qoo10
  3. Create products through shopify to qoo10 platform

#Way of working

  1. Bind qoo10 account can manage products, orders and customers through api provided by qoo10
  2. Can add multiple qoo10 accounts to manage at the same time
  3. Classified management of each qoo10 account tag alias
Multiple qoo10 account management pages

Multiple qoo10 account management pages

Configuration description

Configuration description