A delivery management platform for businesses of all sizes.

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App IDyojee
Vendor IDmy_app2
Launched29 July 2022
CategoriesOutsourced fulfillment Delivery and pickups - Other
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Benefits of Yojee

Calculate accurate total shipping cost for every delivery order.
Have flexible rate calculators for different customers and carriers.
Time-saving labels, QR code creation and printable Pro Forma Invoices.
Easily assign orders to your drivers and carriers.
Track every shipment status in the analytics dashboard.

About Yojee

You can now get end-to-end control of your order fulfilment, from the time the orders are placed till it is delivered to your customer’s doorstep.

  • Seamless Order Management

    • Process orders by batches, single leg or multi-leg journeys
    • Generate shipping labels, consignment notes and ePODs
  • Branded Experience

    • Build brand loyalty with customised shipping documents, tracking pages, emails and more
  • Real-Time Tracking

    • Keep your customers updated with live ETA
Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking



Forma Invoice

Forma Invoice