ZigZag Delivery (Official)

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App IDzigzag-delivery-official
Vendor IDdatalogics
Launched03 August 2022
CategoriesShipping labels Fulfilling orders - Other
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Benefits of ZigZag Delivery (Official)

About ZigZag Delivery (Official)

Integration to ZigZag Delivery

Using this app you can easily integrate your orders to ZigZag delivery system.

By a click of a button you can create your shipping order inside the shipping company so you won’t have to write it manually. Also you will have the ability to print your label directly from this app.

Very simple steps and you are ready:

  1. Inside the app setting page, fill the details of your company. This information is important for the delivery guy to know where to pick your…
Orders screen with app button

Orders screen with app button

Sending delivery to shippin company

Sending delivery to shippin company

Successfully create delivery number

Successfully create delivery number