Zooomy Product Filters

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App IDzooomy-product-filters
Vendor IDzoomyapps
Launched07 August 2019
CategoriesNavigation and filters
Avg rating5
Total reviews2

Benefits of Zooomy Product Filters

About Zooomy Product Filters

Create your own filter dropdowns :

Using the zooomy filter app , you can give your customers a platform to optimize their search on size , color , brand or whatever area you want.

How the app works :

To use this app , you must assign the tags in your products. For eg. If you want customers to find a product in Black Color and Small size , then you must define the tags Red and Small in your product.


You can create upto 6 filters. You can define any tag for any…

Zooomy Product Filter Backend

Zooomy Product Filter Backend

Zooomy Product Filter front end

Zooomy Product Filter front end