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Sync Orders in Real-time
Sync Orders in Real-time

Automatically import orders from Shopify. Changes to order details are always synchronized in real time.

Smartphone Handy
Smartphone Handy

We will manage receipt and shipment with smartphone. Barcode can be read and inspected with the camera function.

Create shipping labels
Create shipping labels

Various invoices can be issued.Read tracking number at shipment to fulfill Shopify order information.

About logikura

Logikura is an app that anyone can easily manage the inventory of stores and warehouses. Simply scan product barcodes to efficiently manage inbound and outbound shipments. You can check the recorded data at any time. You can streamline picking, issuing delivery slip labels, issuing delivery slips, and more.

Main functions and features

  • Work while viewing the product image

Since it is possible to work on the shipment while looking at the product image, anyone can easily identify the product.

  • Smart picking

You can do it while watching the picking list on your smartphone. Save time compared to traditional work.

  • Receiving and shipping inspection with smartphone

Scan barcodes with a smartphone and perform inspection work. If you try to ship a product that is mistaken for your order, your smartphone will notify you with a sound. The error shipping rate can be greatly reduced.

  • Issuing barcode labels

Please rest assured even for products without barcodes. Logikura automatically generates barcodes.

  • Issuance of delivery note and shipping labels

We issue shipping labels and delivery notes corresponding to the delivery company's service. There is no longer any need for work on home delivery slips that have been written by hand.

  • Location management

In addition to inventory management at multiple stores, you can manage inventory for each storage location in the warehouse.

Integrates with Shopify

  • Synchronize your orders from shops in real-time.
  • Have the tracking number automatically synced to your shop, and track your shipment status.